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over 1 year ago

Shark Tank meets Hackathon

In case any of you are interested, we just received the follwing message from Greg Gopman (AngelHack,  Philly Codefest is not directly affiliated with this venture, we are just passing along the info.


This Sunday is the final day for applications to a a new TV show: Shark Tank meets Hackathon.


Deadline: Feb. 26 (Sunday) Full details and application here:

  • Primetime airing on major TV network.
  • Being made by the same guys who produced Survivor and The Amazing Race.
  • Teams have the chance to be offered seed capital for the project.
  • They're looking for teams of 3-5. 
  • Selected applicants chosen will be flown out to LA in late March for a weekend hackathon ( expenses paid).


Typical hackathon rules apply- the weekend will focus on fresh code and projects created over the hackathon's 36 hours. This could be great for anyone who is about to launch something or wants to test a new startup idea.


Email if you have any questions. Otherwise, applications are due by Sunday night 11:59pm pst.